Tae Kwon-Do

ITF Style Korean Martial Art

Who are the ITUK

The ITUK is a member group within the ITF. The ITUK was formed more than 25 years ago by Perry Faima, Kuldeep Singh, Isaac Harry, Adam Burton, Chris Peel, and John Sutton. These instructors were the architects in developing the ITUK in 1992 and establishing a good reputation for fighting techniques in national and international competitions within the ITF.

Today, the ITUK is a friendly and inclusive organisation complying with the legacy of General Choi and the ITF. Anyone wishing to join the ITUK as a group or a member please contact:

President Of The ITUK

Grand Master Harry has been teaching for more than 40 years and has taught a huge number of students, many of which have gone on to compete at international level. When you come to learn Tae Kwon-do, we will fully support you during the entire experience.  We will ensure that you receive the relevant training needed for your own journey.

We’re fully DBS checked and have all the relevant insurance for your peace of mind. Thanks to our skills and knowledge, you can be sure that coming to GM Harry TKD is the right thing to do.

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